Meet our new moms

Professional athletes are known for their dedication to training. But think about it, what's more physically demanding, playing a ball game, running a marathon -- or the act of giving birth?

We're very proud that several of our members chose to train through their pregnancies. Sarah gave birth to her second child in April and is is back at the gym at 6 a.m. this month. Katie trained right up until 2 days before the delivery of her first child in May. And Mandi, one of FIT's longest tenured members, trained through her first pregnancy (nearly setting a personal squat record in the process) and is expecting her second child in November.

With a bit of modification of some exercises as their pregnancies progress, we've found that expectant moms can safely participate in our group training classes and maintain or increase their fitness.

A strong healthy mom means a better chance of a strong healthy baby.

Eric Marsh