Equipment for Sale

The craigslist post should be reasonably accurate as of 2/5/18:

There's been so much interest in these items combined with the fact that I don't have permission to use the forklift, so I'm going to open the warehouse from 12:30-1:30 Saturday February 10th. 

Taking offers on everything with a cash preference. The more stuff you want, the more likely I am to cut a deal :) Everything is first come, first served.  My apologies if you want something and someone already snagged it.

Please plan for appropriate transportation. Many people are interested in the 4'x6' rubber floor mats. Be aware that these are nearly 100 pounds each and are thick so they will not fold well. A handful of sheets will fit in a mid size SUV with the seats down, but you will be much better off with a full size SUV, truck or trailer.

Additionally, everything is functionally sound and put away in good shape but keep in mind that things have been stored in a working warehouse for several months now. Be aware that items will likely be dusty and will need a good cleaning.

The warehouse is Northeast Logistics at 340 Commerce Way in Pembroke. As you can see from my artfully crafted photo, we are not going to use the main entrance (M on map). Continue past and take a right toward the loading area. Parking at the X, overhead door to enter warehouse is located at the arrow.

Thanks for looking!

Warehouse map.png
Eric Marsh