Moving Sale

Here is a quick rundown of some of the items for sale.  Some things have been sold since the video, but the list below should be reasonably accurate.

You can email for questions or to make an offer.

Mirrors:  2: 4'x5', 1: 4'x8', 1: 3'x5'

Custom L shaped desk: 7'x7'5"

Water cooler with filter: taps into water line

MMA gloves: new, various sizes and brands

4x6x3/4" rubber stall mats: +/- 100 mats

Grappling puzzle mats: 1.5" thick, 40"x40", 30 squares

Speakers: 2 various

Sled: 1

Squat stands: 2


Assorted heavy bags

Pull tires: 3

Bench: 11'9"x2'

Shelves: 14"x34"x6'

Chairs: 3

Sand bags: 1 medium, 3 large

Fans: 1: 24", 1: 36"

Auto paper towel dispensers: 2

Paper towel rolls: 8

Eric Marsh